Family ARNOLD who comes from GERBEVILLER an old Dukedom from Lorraine and who set up in KRUTH in the High Valley of the THUR (Alsace) will organize on August the 15th and 16th of 2008 her 6th COUSINADE which will be also the birthday of the first Assembly 25 years ago on 1983. (Assembly and Golden Book had been rewarded on 2004 during the Genealogy Biennial).

If your name is ARNOLD, if you are a descendant of our family by the way of this name or Allied Families please make contact with us at the address:, as soon as possible.

The PROGRAMME for the day 15 August = Family Gathering with several attractions, exhibition of our Genealogy Tree, big mass, and a family meal.

The PROGRAMME for the day 16 August = visit of GERBEVILLER near of LUNEVILLE where Family Arnold comes from, the castle, the park, the Chapel and a family meal.

Enter your name on our list.

Madeleine ARNOLD TETARD Chairman ASS.I.F.ARNOLD (French and English)