ARNOULDS FROM LA BRESSE, who can find them?

Who can help us to find the descendants of Martin ARNOULD?

Martin, third son of Claude ARNOLD, settled at the end of the 17th century in GERARDMER where he married with Jeanne PIERRE coming from the Vosges daughter of Florent PIERRE  - he was born in Munster as his brothers and sisters on January the 19th of 1653 and died in Gérardmer on August the 6th of 1693.. Between he married in this town where he had his children...

From this marriage he had 9 children:

  • Marie born on 25.9.1681

  • Nicole born on 25.4.1683

  • Florent born on 5.10.1684

  • Catherine born on 25.11.1685

  • Claude born on 25.3.1687 

  • Martin 1 born on 24.12.1688

  • Martin 2 born on ... 1690

  • Toussaine born on 1.11.1691

  • Joseph  born on 28.3.1693

Only Claude and Joseph had children (as we know today),  the first married with Marie LE ROY on 26.1.1706 and the second with Marguerite COUTRET  but we have no date for this wedding.

Claude had many children:  9 as his parents, one of whom was Marie married on 18.1.1746 with Léonard HANS from la BRESSE and Catherine married on 10.6.1749 with Jean Baptiste CHIPOT.

Joseph had 2 children known with Marguerite COUTRET: Jeanne Catherine who married on 22.2.1731 with Jean YAÏCLE and Barbe who married on 19.4.1727 with Valentin VALENTIN.

So we think that the descendants ARNOULD who are named HANS - CHIPOT - YAÏCLE and VALENTIN are of our family but where are they?

Who can help us to find them?

We know many ARNOULDS married in la BRESSE by the way of many deeds, but how many are from our family?

Many thanks to help us to find the descendants of Martin ARNOULD son of our ancestors Claude ARNOLD and Marie SEUFFERLIN...


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