26 novembre 2007


We know what the Thirty Years War brought, misery, diseases on the Alsatian and Lorraine population but what do we know about the Westphalia Treaties? ALSACE made of pieces of lands where the emperor was not the absolute  owner, who had the same rights everywhere, was in the middle of all the discussions always bitter, hard and skilful also often confused, without any conclusion as for: what would give exactly the emperor? Were they suzerainty rights or land rights? What will he give as he was the emperor of Austria? ... [Lire la suite]
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04 novembre 2007


Hereafter we will study the name ARNOULT with the help of our cousin Claude GEWISS. This name was widespread in the area on the last century. Archives of Beaupré (Arch. Nancy H350) show that from 1568 a Johan ARNOULT in Saint-Rémy-des-Bois at about 12 kilometres in the South-West from GERBEVILLER is mentioned about a "piece of field". It may be the same Jehan discovered at the date of 1552 by our family genealogist Richard ARNOLD who was the first to find the birth certificate of Claude ARNOLD in the old archives of the... [Lire la suite]
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