30 mars 2007


From the text of Paul STINZI "La vallée de St Amarin au cours des siècles" A Roman way forking off the one which is along the bottom of Vosges near of Cernay, was crossing the valley of SAINT AMARIN. In front of the textile mill of MALMERSPACH, it left the bottom of the valley and cut into the rocky promontory above the present tracks (roman way which was discovered in 1910 by Désiré Lutz and restored by secondary school students of Thann in 1966) We can see two parallel ruts dug into the rock. This place... [Lire la suite]
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22 mars 2007

Do you know MAUGUE ?

Do you know MAUGUE?? I am sure that many of you making researches on the Alsace History looked to the writings of this famous naturalist!! His writings help us to understand the ways and customs of our ancestors and he describes with humour the NATURAL HISTORY of ALSACE in 1726. MAUGUE was may be born between 1657 and 1666 – He said he was an army doctor during 25 years and on September the 30th of 1725 the quartermaster of Alsace Mr de HARLAY wrote to Mr de BRETEUIL (BN French Collection 2601, page 93bis) that "the... [Lire la suite]
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12 mars 2007


I have discovered a book written by Mr Jean Camille BLOCH about a concentration camp during WW2 in VITTEL department of VOSGES. It was a camp that not very much people know in France. At first this camp was for civilian prisoners then a camp for Jews before the transfer to death camps. After 5 years of researches, Mr BLOCH will publish his work in a book on April. You can have a look on the web site : http://jeancamillebloch.googlepages.com/ I can't translate it but if you need information concerning this camp or... [Lire la suite]
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10 mars 2007

Another one of our ancestors....

ANOTHER ONE OF OUR ANCESTORS… BARTHEL SEUFFERLIN (SYFFERLIN) Born at the end of 15th century + 1658 CLAUDE ARNOLD’s Father- in- law We have written already in our Bulletins about our ancestor Barthélémy SEUFFERLIN, Marie’s father, and we have published his inventory after his death that our cousin Lucienne LAPOINTE had masterly translated and we discovered  this man such interesting. We want to publish again this document for our new cousins in order they discover the life of our ancestors during the... [Lire la suite]
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06 mars 2007

CHAPEL "Notre Dame des Aides" of Oderen

CHAPEL NOTRE DAME DES AIDES OF ODEREN 1680-1894 to 2004 Chapel Notre Dame des Aides, also named « MARIA HILF » and situated in ODEREN was, in 1680 a very small oratory. It was built in the named place « Läger » - At this time, priest Basile STAUB native of ZUG asked permission to the bishop of Basel, to celebrate the mass in this new sanctuary built on the rock-side. His petition, written in 1683 and sent to Chrysosthome HANS who was an Official and Apostolic Protonotaire, reminds the beginning of this... [Lire la suite]
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04 mars 2007

He was a cowherd and a cheese-maker she was a weaver

Family Arnold from Kruth in Haut Rhin (Alsace) was native from a little charming village of Lorraine: Gerbéviller, no far away from Lunéville. Our first known ancestor, Demanche Arnoulx, lived at the end of the reign of Henri IV, just at a time when Lorraine began a long period of time of misery and mourning. May be he is the son of Caguin Arnoulx. He had a son Claude born on 1623 in Gerbéviller. The entire present lineage considers that Claude Arnoulx is the founder of our family which lives for many... [Lire la suite]
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04 mars 2007

lease Contracted by Claude Arnold

LEASE CONTRACTED by CLAUDE ARNOLD in 1648 with the ABBEY of MUNSTER for FESSENECK FARM We had already published this in a previous bulletin but it seems interesting to publish it again for our new cousins. In the 3rd bulletin of November 1981 we had published the translation of the lease contracted by Claude Arnold with the Abbey of Munster concerning the rent of Schweinsbach in 1651. We thought it was the first lease that Claude contracted with the Abbey which employed him, but we were wrong. Owing to... [Lire la suite]
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03 mars 2007


He was our first family’s genealogist and an authentic descendant of the ARNOLDS of GERBEVILLER-KRUTH. His father was born in the house situated “Grande Rue” number 25 in KRUTH. He was a Non-Commissioned Officer in the olden Imperial Army, and married in 1889 with Pauline Kloor. Richard had also a brother Otto married in 1920 with Hélène RAETSCH. He was a judge or a clerk in a town of Silesia. Richard will be a Regimental Officer in German Army during the WW1. He lost an eye during an explosion... [Lire la suite]
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03 mars 2007


I would like to tell the history of weaving in our Valley with the history of ARNOLD cousins and allied families gone to search for luck out of our Alsace. At first our American cousins, but also those who had gone around 1840 to REIMS, LILLE or NONANCOURT in Normandy. Gilles SIFFERLIN, in his book about KRUTH, wrote in 1909: « in 1863 the cotton-shortage arrived and damaged machine-made weaving. This crisis has been going on for two years and following many workers has emigrated. Some of them went to REIMS, others... [Lire la suite]
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03 mars 2007

Benedict ARNOLD né 1741 Norwich + Londres 1801

Benedict ARNOLD, a strange figure. Is he a descendant of our family? Was already an ARNOLD family living in USA before the very important migration during 19th century? History remembers some stories about him not always very fine but which must be told. His story was during Independence War against the British when the American fought with the help of the French General LA FAYETTE. After the invasion of Virginia, General Benedict ARNOLD was joined by the victor ... the Massachusetts hero... [Lire la suite]
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